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Computers collection list

Currently there are 214 models  in the collection of Webmaster with a total of 288 computers.
Personal home page:http://www.1000bit.it
Owner's message:raccolgo computer praticamente da sempre, ogni computer che ho posseduto e' ancora con me. il primo computer acquistato per la mia raccolta e' stato un macintosh plus. cerco soprattutto personal computer all-in-one, 8/16 bit, dei primi anni '80. dai una occhiata a "cosa sto cercando".

Webmaster has...
0 computers to trade
18 computers in wishlist
  Manufacturers with are new or updated.
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Acorn x 3

Amstrad x 6

Apple Computer Inc. x 28

Asem x 1

Atari x 9
Briel Computers x 1

Bull x 1
Cambridge Computers x 1

Canon x 2

Casio x 3

Commodore Business Machines x 20

Compaq x 10

DAI (Data Application International) (InData) x 1
Dell (PC's Limited) x 1

Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) x 4

Dragon Data x 1

Elan Computers Ltd. x 1
Elektronika x 1

Epson x 4
Frael x 1

Fujitsu x 1
Glemm x 1

GRiD Systems Corp. x 1
Grundy Business Systems x 1

Hewlett-Packard x 11

IBM (International Business Machines ) x 13

Investronica x 1

Kaypro Corp. (Non-linear system) x 1
Mattel Electronics x 1

Nec x 1

NeXT Inc. (Next Computer Inc.) (Next Software Inc.) x 2

Olivetti x 11
Olympia x 1

Oric Products International Ltd (Tangerine) x 2

Osborne Computer Corp. x 1

Philips Electronics x 7

Rockwell x 1

Saga (Sistemi Avanzati Gestione Aziendale) x 1
Sanyo Business Systems Corp. x 2

Schneider x 1

Sega x 1
Selcom (Belton) x 1
SGS x 1

Sharp x 9
Siemens x 1

Silicon Graphics (SGI) x 1

Sinclair Ltd. x 9

Sirius Systems Technology (Victor Technologies) x 1

Sony x 1

Spectravideo Inc. x 1

Sun Microsystems x 1

Tandy Corp. x 2

Texas Instruments Inc. x 10

Thomson x 1
Timex Computer x 3

Toshiba x 3

Triumph Adler (Pertec) (Royal Business Machines) x 1

Video Technology Ltd. (VTECH) x 6

Zenith x 1

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