GS/OS #5
Resource Fork Formats

Revised by Matt Deatherage (July 1989)
Written by Matt Deatherage (January 1989)

This Technical Note discusses the resource fork format of GS/OS extended files.

Changes since January 1989: Documented the location of resource fork format information.

Due to an omission in GS/OS Reference, Volume 1, some developers are not aware that the format of the resource fork of any file is reserved by Apple Computer, Inc. With the release of System Software 5.0 for the Apple IIGS, a Resource Manager is available to manipulate discrete chunks of data stored in the resource forks of files. To prevent corruption of media, information should only be stored in any resource fork in this format.

The Resource Manager should always be used to manipulate the data in resource forks. Some utilities may find this impossible and will require direct manipulation of resources without the Resource Manager. Information on the format of the resource forks is included with the Resource Manager documentation in the System Software 5.0 documentation.

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