HyperCard IIgs #2
Known HyperCard Bugs

Revised by Matt Deatherage (May 1992)
Written by Dan Strnad & Matt Deatherage (March 1991)

This Technical Note documents known bugs in the released version of HyperCard IIgs that may affect developers.

Changes since March 1991: Revised to list version 1.1 bugs (sigh) as well as version 1.0 bugs.

HyperCard Externals and Named Resources

HyperCard's XCMD and XFCN callbacks documented in Appendix A of the HyperCard IIgs Script Language Guide include callbacks that find named resources. In versions 1.0 and 1.1, these routines don't compare the lengths of the resource name strings, which makes HyperCard return the wrong named resource from time to time.

A more precise description of this problem is in Apple IIgs Technical Note #83, "Resource Manager Stuff." Note that HyperCard IIgs does not use the Resource Manager's named resource routines, but the code in the Resource Manager suffers from the same problem the HyperCard code has.

Previous Bugs Fixed

The two bugs previously listed in this Note -- improper handling of desk accessories and crashing when using objects or properties of different stacks to externals -- are both fixed in HyperCard IIgs version 1.1.

Further Reference

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