Apple IIgs #8
Elems Functions in IIGS SANE

Revised by Matt Deatherage (November 1988)
Written by Guillermo Ortiz (December 1986)

This Technical Note discusses a problem which existed with the Elems functions in the IIGS SANE Tool Set 1.0. Current IIGS System Disks contain a patch which corrects this problem.

Calls to any of the Elems functions in version 1.0 of the IIGS SANE Tool Set may return an invalid result unless you are evaluating data which resides in bank $00 due to a problem with the Elems parameter passing mechanism. These results are random because when SANE checks the validity of its input, it uses values that have no relations to the actual ones, and once it completes the validation, it uses the real operands.

All System Disks released on or after December 1, 1986 include a RAM patch which fixes the Elems parameter passing mechanism; therefore, you should not have to write a special case to handle this problem if you are shipping your application with the most recent Apple IIGS System Disk. You should contact Apple Software Licensing at Apple Computer, Inc.; 20525 Mariani Avenue, M/S 38-I; Cupertino, CA 95014 or (408) 974-4667 to obtain the most recent version of the Apple IIGS System Disk.

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