Apple IIgs #10
InvalRgn Twist

Revised by Steven Glass (November 1988)
Written by Guillermo Ortiz (April 1987)

InvalRgn(RgnHandle) accumulates the region to which RgnHandle points into the update region of the current window's port; in the process, it makes the region global, thus causing problems if later calls expect the region to still be local.

The region you pass to InvalRgn is local to the window to which it is related; however, InvalRgn returns the region in global coordinates. To preserve the original region for your use after the call to InvalRgn, you should duplicate it and use the copy to make the call then dispose of the copy when InvalRgn returns. The following example demonstrates the process:

    void MyInvalReg(RegHandle)

    handle RegHandle;
    handle AuxHandle;

    AuxHandle = NewRgn();            /* create room */
    CopyRgn(RegHandle,AuxHandle);    /* make a copy  */
    InvalRgn(AuxHandle);             /* do it with the copy */
    DisposeRgn(AuxHandle);           /* now get rid of it! */

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