Apple IIgs #15
InstallFont and Big Fonts

Revised by Eric Solden & Matt Deatherage (July 1989)
Written by Guillermo Ortiz (June 1987)

When the Font Manager executes InstallFont, it may try to scale the selected font if bit 15 of the ScaleWord is clear; a font larger than 32K causes this call to fail.

Changes since November 1988: Noted System Software 5.0 enhancements.

The Font Manager cannot scale a font which is larger than 32K, so InstallFont will fail if scaling is required and the desired font exceeds this limit. If the call fails for this reason, it will report an FMScaleSizeErr ($1B0C) error.

This is not the same situation as when there is not enough memory available to hold a newly scaled font. The situation will generate Memory Manager errors.

System Software 5.0 can scale fonts to be larger than 32K, so there is no longer the limit imposed by System Disk 4.0 and earlier. In addition, System Software 5.0 can handle font sizes up to 255 points, if memory is available. Note that this is a different situation than trying to scale a font which was originally larger than 32K, but both work under 5.0.

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