Apple IIgs #20
Catalog of APW Language Numbers

Revised by Matt Deatherage (March 1990)
Written by Jim Merritt (August 1987)

This Technical Note formerly listed APW Language Number assignments, which correspond to auxiliary type values of file type $B0.

Changes since November 1988: This information is now documented in Apple II File Type Notes, specifically Notes of file type $B0.

The correspondence between APW Language Numbers and auxiliary type values for $B0 files is no longer one-to-one. Although all APW Language Numbers are stored with their source files in the auxiliary type field, there now exist assignments of auxiliary type values for file type $B0 which are not APW languages.

Therefore, the contents of this Note can now be found in the File Type Note for file type $B0, where all such assignments of either kind are still called "APW Language Numbers."

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