Apple IIgs #102
Various Vectors

Revised by Dave Lyons (May 1992)
Written by Dave Lyons (December 1991)

This Technical Note describes system vectors that are not fully described in other documentation.

Changes since December 1991: Added information about the TOBRAMSETUP vector.


The TOBRAMSETUP vector is documented in Appendix D of the Apple IIgs Firmware Reference. Two clarifications are needed:

The MOVE_INFO Vector

MOVE_INFO is a flexible, low-overhead data transfer routine. It can transfer buffer-to-buffer, buffer-to-location, location-to-buffer, and buffer-to-buffer reversing the order of the bytes.

Apple IIgs GS/OS Device Driver Reference tells you how to call MOVE_INFO from a GS/OS driver environment (JSL to $01FC70), but this requires the language-card RAM to be banked in correctly.

Another vector points to the same routine: $E10200. If you aren't a GS/OS device driver, it is more convenient to JSL to $E10200, because you don't have to worry about banking in the $01FCxx vectors. The $E10200 vector is available whenever GS/OS is active, under System Software 5.0 or later.


Two other GS/OS System Service vectors are duplicated in bank $E1: SET_SYS_SPEED ($E10204) and DYN_SLOT_ARBITER ($E10208). Like MOVE_INFO, these are available when GS/OS is active under System Software 5.0 or later.

Further Reference

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