Apple IIgs #106
ADB Addendum

Written by Dave Lyons (May 1992)

This Technical Note documents some bits in the ADB SendInfo data byte for setModes and clearModes.

SendInfo is documented in Volume 1 of Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference, but it doesn't tell you what any of the bits in the setModes/clearModes data byte are for. Well, here are the useful ones:

Bit (Value)
6 ($40)
Shift+CapsLock=Lowercase mode
4 ($10)
Keyboard buffering
3 ($08)
Dual-speed keys
2 ($04)
Fast space/delete keys

For example, to turn off keyboard buffering without altering the user's Battery RAM, you can do the following:

             pea 1                   ;number of data bytes
             pushlong #modesToClear  ;pointer to data byte
             pea 5                   ;modeCmd = clearModes

modesToClear dc.b $10                ;bit 4 = keyboard buffering

Note that the user's control panel setting will become current again if they hit Command-Ctrl-Esc (the system calls the TOBRAMSETUP vector at $E10094 to update the system from Battery RAM).

Further Reference

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