Apple IIgs #107
Tool Locator Tribulations

Written by Dave Lyons (May 1992)

This Technical Note tells you what to watch out for in the Tool Locator.

ShutDownTools and System 6.0

In System 6.0, ShutDownTools inappropriately calls HideCursor even if QuickDraw II is not started. The results are unpredictable.

If your application does not use QuickDraw II but does use ShutDownTools, you may need to start up and shut down your tools manually instead.

Note that the HideCursor problem does not occur in the (unusual) case that the System 6.0 noResourceMgr bit (value $0010) is set.

Contents of the StartUpTools Tool Table

You should not include the Tool Locator or Memory Manager in your tool table. Instead, call TLStartUp and MMStartUp before calling StartUpTools, and call MMShutDown and TLShutDown after ShutDownTools.

Since StartUpTools automatically starts the Resource Manager for you, you should not include Resource Manager in the tool table, either. Doing so has no ill effect in System Software 6.0 and later, but in System Software 5.0 through 5.0.4 you got duplicate ResourceStartUp and ResourceShutDown calls.

The order of the tool table entries does not matter. (Toolbox Reference 3, page 51-8, says "Although StartUpTools handles the order of tool startup for you...", but this is widely overlooked.)

Further Reference

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