Here it is: the complete set of the final version of the Apple II Technical Notes, cross-referenced and reformatted for the Web, with the kind permission of Apple Computer!

For those who are not already familiar with them, these Notes are a series of technical tidbits and errata not covered in any of the official Apple manuals. They are organised roughly by topic, and numbered in order of composition. Originally they were distributed by Apple to registered developers, but as Apple no longer registers developers for the Apple II, and as the notes were Freeware anyway, they have been available for downloading online for quite some time now. Now, they are available in a more browser-friendly form as well, with the added feature of extensive cross-linking.

With every distribution of the Tech Notes, Apple included a Tech Note #0, which consists of general information about and a table of contents for the rest of the Notes, so I will not duplicate that effort myself. Also, an Index was provided, as well as a series of File Type Notes, and some sample Source Code to demonstrate important capabilities and techniques. All are available here.

If you want to download the Notes to your Apple II, you can do so from here. To my knowledge, this is the only Apple-II-formatted version of the Notes available online!

Those who are familiar with the Notes will notice that their format here is different from what they are used to. This is because HTML has limitations in how it can deal with things, and different browsers have different interpretations of HTML formatting tags. However, every reasonable attempt has been made to keep the format of these Notes as true to the spirit of that of the originals as possible, and in any event no information has been deleted. It's all here; it just looks a little different.

This was a tremendous project, and it had some unforseen challenges. I have aimed for consistency across the entire set of notes, and this has resulted in occasional compromises in formatting. So, if you have any comments or suggestions about the layout or features of this site, please send me a message about it! Note, however, that I cannot change the wording or content of the Notes themselves, as they are copyrighted material. If you have an issue with them, you are better off contacting Apple Computer about it.

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