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Computers collection list

Currently there are 10 models  in the collection of Steven Taylor with a total of 10 computers.
Personal home page:http://n/a as yet
Owner's message:Started out on a ZX Spectrum 48k (rubber keys - the best!) in 1985. Not looked back although I had abit of a break from computers when I turned 16 - 18 (boo). Then I was let loose on the University Unix system and it's all been downhill from there. I still only had a Speccy 128k at that point so I wrote a windows program for it - which was naff but hey :) Anyway, I like using the old machines rather than emulators (although I run a speccy one on my laptop). I can buy all my dream machines that I wanted when I was younger. Cool!

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0 computers to trade
8 computers in wishlist
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Acorn x 1

Commodore Business Machines x 3

Dragon Data x 1

Sinclair Ltd. x 5

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