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My wishlist

I am always looking for new material for my collection. Computers, programmable calculators, magazines, pictures, manuals. If you have something for me . I am in Italy, Milan.

Apple Computer Inc.
Attention, I'm looking for the Apple II, not IIPlus or IIe or IIc or so on, only Apple II. 
I am looking for all types. 
Bell & Howell
CPU only, I am not interested in monitor or any kind of accessories. 
Commodore Business Machines
Perhaps somebody got two of them... 
DAI (Data Application International) (InData)
Dragon Data
General Processor
Ims Associates Inc. (IMSAI)
Intertec Data Systems
I like this computer very much! 
MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems)
North Star Computers Inc.
Oric Products International Ltd (Tangerine)
Sinclair Ltd.

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