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This is the wishlist of

Archimedes 3000
Archimedes A305
Archimedes A310
Archimedes A410
Archimedes A420
Archimedes A440
Archimedes A500
Archimedes A5000
Archimedes A540
Archimedes A680
Archimedes R260
Apple Computer Inc.
Apple IIc
Apple IIGS (ROM 01)
Apple IIGS (ROM 03)
Apple IIGS Woz Edition
Lisa 2
Macintosh Centris 660 AV
Macintosh Classic
Macintosh Classic II
Macintosh Color Classic
Macintosh II
Macintosh II VX
Macintosh IIci
Macintosh IIcx
Macintosh IIfx
Macintosh IIsi
Macintosh IIvi
Macintosh IIx
Macintosh LC
Macintosh LC 475
Macintosh LC 630
Macintosh LC II
Macintosh LC III
Macintosh Powerbook 140
Macintosh Quadra 650
Macintosh Quadra 900
Macintosh Quadra 950
Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE FDHD
Power Book 100
Commodore Business Machines
Amiga 1200
Amiga 2000
Amiga 4000
HP 150
HP 150II
IBM (International Business Machines )
Personal System/2 Model 80 - 8580
Personal System/2 Model 90 XP 486 - 8590
Personal System/2 Model 95 XP 486 - 8595
Personal System/2 Model 95 XP 486 - 9595
Silicon Graphics (SGI)
Indigo (R3000)
Indy (R4600SC, XL-24)
IRIS Crimson (4D/510)
Personal Iris 4D/20
Personal Iris 4D/25
Personal Iris 4D/30
Personal Iris 4D/35

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