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Technology is going so fast ! Perhaps is too much fast... it's so fast that we can't really fully appreciate the potential of each new technology. Bluetooh, usb, firewire, wi-fi, adsl, hdsl, shdsl, mp3, divx... and so on. Are we sure that, before to access to a new technology, we have reached the full maturity of the old one ?
I don't think it's so.

Often, we leave the old way before we get to its full potential and when we get the new technology, we are ready to accept it's faults, its problems, its bugs because ... come on, it's new !!!
And so we are ready to download megabytes of fix and patch, and when something does not work, we are ready again to search for the last patch !
But... wait a minute, do you think really that this is the right way ?
Again, I don't think so.

When I  turn on my super notebook with a super fast cpu, with double core, with a lot of ram, a full gigabyte of ram and with a super fast harddisk with 120 gigabytes, hey man I can reach the moon with this power... No, I need only to see my email, but when I turn on this beast, I have to wait and wait and wait and wait ... I only have to write a letter, but again I've to waiti and wait and wait..., come on, where is lost all that power ? All this power is consumed to verify that IE is my default browser or to verify that my disconnected computer is not infected by a virus or the firewall is blocking all malicious attacks or the site I'm browsing is not a phishing site... and so on, this list can be really long.

Then somebody starts to work on these problems, he tries to fix something, but suddenly someone else comes and says: "You can forget that problem, we are working on a new things that will be so much better!!". the new things arrive with the new and all the old problems.
I've nothing against Microsoft, you know I'm a software developer and I work on Microsoft's products and so I've nothing to say, but what to say about Windows Vista ? Are you sure that it's so important Aero ? or is it more important that all the old software can run on the new platform ?

Seems that the software developed with the old visual basic 6.0 it's not fully compatible with the new platform. Have you an idea of how much software has been developed with vb6 in the world ?

Now I've read that only 2% of USA companies have adopted windows vista, it is not strange to me !


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One of the first Fortran program.
The following program, written by Backus, is taken from the programmer's FORTRAN manual. The program read N numbers and calculate the maximum.

         DIMENSION A(999)
         FREQUENCY 30 (2,1,10), 5(100)
         READ 1, N, (A(I), I = 1,N)
       1 FORMAT (I3/(12F6.2))
         BIGA = A(1)
       5 DO 20 I = 2,N
      30 IF (BIGA-A((I)) 10,20,20
      10 BIGA = A(I)
      20 CONTINUE
         PRINT 2, N, BIGA
         STOP 77777

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Do you ever thoughts about icon ?
Yes those little pictures that are everywhere on your virtual desktop.
Take your time machine and go back about 20 years, go back to 1984. There were a lot of Apple //, C64, TRS80, Atari 400... everyone with their blinking cursor...
Now thinks to sometihing new, a new user interface, no more characters, no more black video, no more green or ambra text, no more blinking cursor. A really new graphical interface and a mouse, what kind of revolution !
Now thinks to develop this new interface, thinks about the new challenges and problems. The icon, someone has totally invented something totally new, who ? Susan Kare (www.kare.com).
Look at the Portfolio page there is a little surprise, let me know if you find it :-).

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We are a little more poor

In these days Alan Shugart has left us.
And we all have lost something.

Posted by tiziano : 19/12/2006 15:05:50 | 1 Comments | Login to enter your comment |

Apple and the clones

In this period I am reading books on the history of the Apple.

The books in this case are iWoz, Revolution in the Valley and Apple Confidential 2.0. Between the many vicissitudes and anecdotes that the books have told there is the regarding part the position of the Apple and the world of the clones. The facts, we are in the middle of the 90s and the Apple is in one of its black crises, Spindler is the CEO and decides to open the Mac world to the clones, new societies are founded, ready to produce Mac clones. On Apple 2,0 Condifential there's even the letter of Bill Gates asking to Apple to bring its O.S. on other platforms. In short, the outcome is a true disaster, the clones begin to subtract quotas from Apple instead of expanding the Mac presence in the market. Amelio before and Jobs then, with a stratagem succeed to block the agreements taken from Spindler. The agreement was with OS 7.0 and its successors, so instead of the 7.7 Mac Os 8.0 is born! And the attempt of Mac clone dies here.
Now the situation is the same, historical cycles ? The Apple abandons the PowerPc and passes to the Intel world, one says: finally I'll can to mount the MacOs on my PC, No! Nothing to do also this time.
Alan Kay, coming from PARC assumed in Apple said: you are a software society (refers to the MacOs), and for a software society is important to be able to run on the greater number of platforms hardware. I don't know why instead Apple wants at all costs to remain in this ambiguous position of producer of hardware and software.
With this approach Apple has lost all its advantage gained with the first Mac in 1984. It has given way to the contenders to work with calm, it is made to catch up and to perhaps exceed. iPod rules!


Posted by tiziano : 14/12/2006 15:30:29 | 1 Comments | Login to enter your comment |

1000BiT's blog

Today starts1000BiT's blog.
We have implemented this new area to allow all of you that want to write and to partecipate to the life of this site. The scope of the blog is to collect all your histories about vintage computing.
If there will be the need to open new section, we are ready with the code and a lot of space Smile.
Currently we don't how often we will be able to write something new, but we will do our best to keep this section really live.
The 1000BiT Team

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