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06/23/17 For all the Amiga users:
Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 7
06/19/17 We've added another 1.000 brochures! We're now over 5.300!
06/08/17 Now you can also upload your profile picture from your My collection page in the top-right menu.
06/08/17 We've come up with a brand new ranking system to pay tribute to our contributors!
06/08/17 We are currently renovating the site to celebrate its 20th birthday. If you happen to find bugs or broken links, please report them right away.
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Since april 17, 1998
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Welcome to our site totally dedicated to vintage computing!

What is 1000 BiT?

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We are one of the most extensive web archives of vintage computers.

As we approach our 20th anniversary, we want to express our appreciation to our fans who have supported us through the years.
Whether you were here from day one or you just found out about us, thank you!

Why you should be here

First and foremost, here you will find a lot of useful information about vintage computers, but also the biggest online vintage brochure collection and a treasure trove of old manuals, advertisements and magazines, be sure to check 'em out!

Second, here you can manage your collection of your vintage computers and maybe even expand it! Register now and create your collection with a few clicks on My collection page. Select your vintage computers from our vast database and add them to your list to keep track of your old treasures. Show off your amazing collection to the internet, let's get started!

Third, here you can find an active and growing community of vintage computers enthusiasts to share your passion with.
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Why we are here

For fun, nothing more. We love playing with our old computers, "tinkering" with these jewels, collecting news, photos, comments, interviews, talking to people who had used them for leisure or work, or simply cleaning them.

Apple //c Philips VideoPac
Take better care of your treasures! (Photo by Alberto Cavalcoli)

What if my computer is not in the database

Simple, you can put it in! In fact, those registered users who have indicated their availability to become active contributors are allowed to insert new technical data into the database.

The trickiest part of our hobby is the recovery of information and old materials such as brochures and adverts. By and large, we rely on our community to integrate additional information and grow our database every day.

Send us your pictures of your vintage computers, scanned material . We will proceed to upload them into our database as soon as we can.

You will be rewarded with "contribution points" and the satisfaction of having contributed to saving a piece of computer history.

Help us complete our missing information, it really makes our day!

Why the name 1000 BiT ?

The best names had already been taken ... so we resorted to the binary code: yes! 1000 corresponds to 8 in decimal numbers, which works just fine for us, as here we mainly deal with vintage computers, also known as 8 bit home computers. But not just 8 bits, we discuss about all those computers that have shaped the history of computer science and the people who have designed and invented them.

This site was born from the ashes of what was known as "Il mio angolo" (My safe haven) and therefore mainly based on my computer collection which I officially started in April 1998.

More ways you can contribute

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We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements in our website. Your opinion is very important to us. You can write to us to make a suggestion.

Are you a native English speaker? We really care about the quality of our contents, suggest better English translations!

Thank you for contributing to making our website more accessible to our international audience.

Thank you to our contributors

Top Five contributors:

Name Rank Medal Points
Mark Brennan Master Medal 134.250
Juanvm Exemplar Medal 44.131
Acavalcoli Paladin Medal 6.437
Giorgio Champion Medal 3.213
Matto68 Champion Medal 2.973

Here is the complete ranking of our awesome contributors.

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Become a Top Contributor sending us new material and feedback, earn contribution points and work your way up the ladder.

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Disclaimer & Copyright ©

This is a personal web site. Although a real effort was made to trace owners of all the illustrations used in this website, if you find that any materials are taken from other sites without any kind of credits or back reference, please contact the .

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