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The name Sinclair is perhaps one of the most charismatic in the short history of personal computers.

Probably this is due to the fact that its products "wanted" to be for the masses. Above all, he tried to satisfy the request of hobbies, or rather the unbridled and uncontrolled craving of possessing a computer of the latter.

Initially, his computers were only sold in kits. It seems, however, that the kits returned to the assistance rather than the working ones. If we take a look inside the ZX80 or the ZX81, we notice a handful of standard components, its idea was to do something economical with what the market offered.

The legendary ZX Printer seems amazing to be able to print. What about the membrane keyboard then? Also the QL, which was the product at the top of the range, came out on the membrane keyboard! It seems that Sinclair himself was demanding the presence of the membrane keyboard, used almost as a signature.

Surely, therefore, an interesting character, to which the queen gave the title of baronet, some define it as genius other inconclusive. His adventure, the Sinclair company, will last only a few years, but still today there are many "faithful" and enthusiasts of his machines.

A versatile character, among its achievements we find both the FM radio and the smallest television in the world, then the well-known range of computers and we even find a weird electric three-wheeled vehicle the C5.

Sinclair's brochures.

Sinclair's 1984 price list

Clive Sinclair A young Sinclair
ZX80 ZX80
Z88 Z88
mk14 From Science of Cambridge here the MK14

Sir Clive Sinclair presents a new chip for his QL.
clive_1999.jpg (8900 byte) Sir Clive Sinclair today.