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History - Some people who are part of history

"640k [of memory] ought to be enough for anybody"
   Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, 1981

Paul Lutus author of the Apple Writer, a word processor.
Paul Lutus Paul Lutus
Take a look of his site Paul and his hut where he worked.
For the energy there was an extension of 400m.

Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, the authors of the famous Visicalc software. The first version of Visicalc was made for Apple II, the success of the latter for many was due to this combination.
Dan Bricklin Bob Frankston
Dan Bricklin biografia
His site
Bob Frankston
His site
My interview
Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston Visical first version
In the '80 First version
Visicalc adverts  
Visicalc adverts in 1979/10  

Enrico Colombini , he realize the first adventure game entirely in Italian, which computer? Obviously an Apple II. If you want on your site you can find some "things" interesting. Following are photos commented by the protagonist.

erix-1.jpg  (28253 byte)
The Antro of the Sorcerer at the time APPLE // gs; Note the infocom adventures collection (the Book and '"The C ++ programming language").
erix-2m.jpg  (3905 byte)
A typical MOS version electronic (Mountain operating system).
erix-3m.jpg  (4576 byte)
The author in a deep moment contemplation (the author is the one to the right, from the bovine air).

Mitchell Kapor The author of Lotus 1- 2 -3 and founder of Lotus Corp. together with Jim Manzi

Mitchell  Kapor


Seymour Rubenstein is the author of the most famous WordStar.


25 anni award

Look what group !!

First row --- Robert Garner ( Sun SPARC ); Masatoshi Shima ( Zilog Z80 ); Federico Faggin ( Zilog Z80 ) ; Bill Mensch ( MOS Technology 6502 ); Chuck Peddle ( MOS Technology 6502 )
Second row --- John Crawford ( Intel 386 ); Bill Pohlman ( Intel 8088 ); Autar Saini ( Pentium ); Ralph Ungermann ( Zilog Z80 ); Tom Gunter ( Motorola 68000 ).

If these names Do not tell you anything you read this article:
I Major events of the last 25 years

Bushnell the founder of Atari. Chuck Peddle the father of 6502
Bushnell il  fondatore dell'Atari Chuck Peddle

Thomas Watson sr., founder of IBM Federico Faggin
Thomas Watson SR Federico Faggin

Bill Gates e Paul Allen, founders of Microsoft
The letter open to hobbyists, 1976.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates Paul Allen
microsoft1978.jpg  (57394 byte)
Microsoft components in 1978.
First line from above: Steve Wood (left), Bob Wallace, Jim Lane Second line from above: Bob O'Rear, Bob Greenberg, Marc McDonald, Gordon Letwin Third line from above: Bill Gates, Andrea Lewis, Marla Wood, Paul Allen. December 7, 1978.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Bill Gates and Paul Allen Paul Allen and Bill Gates among computers using their BASIC. (1977)
Bill Gates al World Altair Computer Convention, 1976 Bill Gates e Paul Allen al lavoro
Bill Gates at World Altair Computer Convention, 1976 Bill Gates and Paul Allen at work.

Gary Kildall He wrote the CP/M then constituting Digital Research. Tim Paterson, the author of MS-DOS.
gary_kildall.jpg  (9642 byte)

Biography Biography

Philippe Kahn , He wrote the Pascal Turbo and gave birth to Borland. William Mensch Already involved in the 6502 project, he then realized 65816.
Kahn Philippe Bill Mensch

Alan Shugart , guided tThe team that brings IBM to the creation of the first hard drive. A few years later, we are at the end of the 1970s, he realizes the First floppy disk drive. Robert Metcalfe, the father of Ethernet. For other info go here .
Al Shugart Robert Metcalfe

Saymour Cray Dennis Hayes, his standard is still in use.
Saymour Cray Dennis Hayes

The CPU's parent, INTEL 4004 .
It was realized in 1971, initially for Busicom, a Japanese company. The creation of this computer was led by Federico Faggin.

Intel 4004

The technical features of the 4004 are:
  • 2300 transistor
  • clock 750Khz
  • 0.06 MIPS
  • 4Kbyte Addressing Capacity
  • It was used in 1972 in the Pioneer 10 and NASA still receives its "news" weekly.

From the Intel 4004 manual, page 1, 2, 3, 4.

L ' Altair 8800 , how come a computer on the character page? Is the beginning of the personal computer revolution. The computer in the cover does not exist yet, but the MITS after the release of the magazine will receive hundreds of requests. People wanted it at all costs, together with the order also sent the money, some will wait for one year before they can receive it.
Popular electronics Gennaio 1975 altair 8800b
January 1975
Other historic magazines

Altair 8800b
Other things, a bit of everything in this computer

Processor Technology
Lee Felsenstein one of the homebrew computer club animators, Sol designer and later than Osborne1. The SOL20
lee_felsenstein.gif  (77545 byte) sol20m.gif  (17662 byte)

Robert Marsh and Lee Felsenstein, founders of Technology Processor.  

Ads aboutn computers with famous people

Super complete timeline.

The list of programmers of the Classic Game

Scheda  perforata
The perforated card

The hackers

John Draper, said Capitain Crunch. The witch of telephone hacking, condemned several times for illegal phone lines. He named his name for the Capitain Crunch cereals, he discovered that the whistle they gave in the box allowed him to take the line without paying.

John Draper '70 John Draper
In the '70 Today
captain crunch  
The Captain Crunch cereal box  

The videogames

The Sierra Online produced the best games in the eighties, creating the figure of the millionaire programmer. Founders Ken and Roberta Williams .
Ken Williams Roberta Williams
Ken Williams Roberta Williams
  Mystery House(7572 byte)
  Roberta Williams made one of the first graphic adventure games Mystery House for Apple II.

Among the many who worked at Sierra Online, one of the prominent programmers was John Harris.,
John Harris  
John Harris, author of Frogger and Jawbreaker  

Doug Carlston, founder of Broderbund. The Broderbund's most famous game?
Lode Runner, oddly the Sierra Online did it escape.
Doug Carlston Lode Runner game