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The list of most visited and most wanted computers

This page shows the most visited computer of the current month, the list of the most visited computer in the previous months and the list of the most wanted computer by users.

Instead here are the most visited old computer per manufacturer.

The top 10 most visited old computers in the current month
Apple IIIApple Computer Inc.Apple IIIgraph 55
PC-6001 mkIINecPC-6001 mkIIgraph 55
520 STFMAtari520 STFMgraph 54
Dragon 32Dragon DataDragon 32graph 49
800Atari800graph 43
Laser 128 / Laser 128 EXVideo Technology Ltd. (VTECH)Laser 128 / Laser 128 EXgraph 41
T-3000Teleram Communications Corp.T-3000graph 40
ZX Spectrum +2 A/BSinclair Ltd.ZX Spectrum +2 A/Bgraph 40
ZX 81 (ZX81)Sinclair Ltd.ZX 81 (ZX81)graph 39
Apple IIApple Computer Inc.Apple IIgraph 38

The most visited old computers in the previous months
PeriodManufacturerModelPhoto# Visits
2017/7MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems)Altair 8800136
2017/6Commodore Business Machines64137
2017/5Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k230
2017/4MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems)Altair 8800203
2017/3Commodore Business Machines64219
2017/2Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k213
2017/1Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k204
2016/12Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k174
2016/11Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k211
2016/10Video Technology Ltd. (VTECH)Laser 128 / Laser 128 EX193
2016/9Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k160
2016/8Apple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k213
2016/7SGSNBZ80S Nanocomputer155

The top 20 most wanted old computers between all users' wishlists
ZX 80 (ZX80)Sinclair Ltd.ZX 80 (ZX80) 18
LisaApple Computer Inc.Lisa 15
Lisa 2Apple Computer Inc.Lisa 2 13
Amiga 1000Commodore Business MachinesAmiga 1000 11
Apple IIApple Computer Inc.Apple II 11
Apple IIIApple Computer Inc.Apple III 11
Macintosh 128kApple Computer Inc.Macintosh 128k 10
Apple IIc PlusApple Computer Inc.Apple IIc Plus 8
QLSinclair Ltd.QL 8
ZX Spectrum +3Sinclair Ltd.ZX Spectrum +3 8
400Atari400 7
Apple IIcApple Computer Inc.Apple IIc 7
Apple III+Apple Computer Inc.Apple III+ 7
Jupiter ACEJupiter Cantab AceJupiter ACE 7
ZX Spectrum+ 128kSinclair Ltd.ZX Spectrum+ 128k 7
800Atari800 6
Apple IApple Computer Inc.Apple I 6
Apple II EuroplusApple Computer Inc.Apple II Europlus 6
Apple II PlusApple Computer Inc.Apple II Plus 6
Archimedes A305AcornArchimedes A305 6