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Apple Logo

Apple Computer

Apple Computer Inc. with its famous iris apple logo has certainly been one of the leading companies at the start of the personal computer adventure.

His story has now become legend, and its founders are among the most charismatic characters that can be encountered while looking at the dawn of this adventure.

The story of the Volkswagen van and of the garage is now known to everyone, if you are interested in reading the full story you can go here. On this page I wanted to collect images and articles about Apple history.

The order form for the purchase of the brand new Apple II, coming out in April 1977.

How about a 5Mb Harddisk to 2.700.000 of the oldest itlalian lira without taxes?

Apple price list from June, 2 1984 (Italy version):

Apple //e price list Apple //c price list Apple /// price list Apple Lisa price list Apple Macintosh price list
Various photos related to Apple's story

The first Apple Computer's logo

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

A young Jobs presents the Apple I

Wozniak and Jobs with the Apple I

Dan Kottke and Steve Jobs at one
of the first fair with Apple I.

Jobs presents the new Apple II.

The people has in hand this brochure.

Steven Wozniak and
Steven Jobs at work

A young
Steven Jobs bearded

Steven Wozniak and
Steven Jobs

Steven Jobs with Lisa

Steven Jobs with an apple

Steven Jobs pauses

Steven Jobs with Sculley

Steven Jobs, Sculley and Wozniak

Byte febbraio 1984, the Macintosh

Stuff with Apple logo
Apple Clock Apple, Orologio da tavolo Maglietta Apple

Apple Pocket Watch

a3acerom.jpg  (3306 byte)

Sculpture maple work by Tom Eckert

Here there all the Apple brochures.

Apple history timeline

Lisa story

The bulgarian Apple IIe clone, the Prawec IIc.

An article about the Apple III failure.

An article from Compute! about the new Apple IIGS, with an interview to Wozniak.

Better than an autograph, a piece of routine in assembler of floating point calculation written by The Woz by hand!

Another Woz's document, the grapf of Floating Point.

Wozniak's interview from Creative Computing september 1982

suntronic-housem.jpg (4661  byte)

Sun/Tronic House

A technology house, where the heating or the opening of the windows is governed by computer. The computer decides how to best utilize the energy collected during the day from the solar panels. It's a prototype, what powerful computer will do with all this work? A 2.4Ghz Pentium IV? No, the good old Apple][.