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Apple IIe Platinum

Apple Computer Inc. (Apple) (USA)

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Name Apple IIe Platinum Apple Computer Inc. (Apple) 
Manufacturer Apple Computer Inc. (Apple) (USA) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1 - 1987 Production end (mm-yyyy) 11 - 1993
RAM 64Kb - 128Kb ROM 16Kb
CPU 6502B - 1.02273 Mhz
Operating System AppleDOS 3.3, ProDOS, CP/M (with Z80 card)
Text (Cols x Rows) 40/80 x 24
Graphics 280 x 192/560 x 192 8 colors
Sound Internal beeper
Storage memory Floppy 5.25" 140Kb, floppy 3.5" 800Kb, Hb SCSI
Serial port Apple SuperSerial II (optional) Parallel port Apple Parallel port (optional)
Others port Tape, Monitor, Joystick, Paddle
Original price   Currency original price 0
Units sold
Note This is the last model produced of the II series, is very like the IIe but it has the numeric keypad.
This version of the IIe, introduced in January 1987, is a Apple IIe Enhanced with different case and keyboard. Another difference is that the motherboard had 64K RAM in only two chips (instead of the previous eight), and one ROM chip instead of two. An "extended 80-column card" with 64K extra memory was included in all units sold, and was smaller than previous versions of that memory card. 
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