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Hector HRX

Micronique (France)

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Name Hector HRX Micronique 
Manufacturer Micronique (France) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1984 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 64Kb ROM 16-64Kb
CPU Z80A - 5 Mhz
Operating System FORTH, CP/M
Text (Cols x Rows) 40 x 22 8 colours
Graphics 112 x 78 8 colours, 243 x 231 4 colours
Sound 1 channel,, 4 octaves
Storage memory Tape
Serial port Parallel port Centronics
Others port RGB, Joystick x 2
Original price   Currency original price
Units sold
Note This computer is in fact an Hector HR+, with the language FORTH in ROM instead of the more common BASIC. Also, the RAM has been extended to 64Kb (16Kb used as VRAM). 
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