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Elektronika (Russian Federation)

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Name BK-0010
Manufacturer Elektronika (Russian Federation) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1985 Production end (mm-yyyy) - 1993
RAM 16Kb + 16Kb VRAM ROM 32Kb
CPU 1801BM1 - 3 Mhz
Operating System FOCAL
Text (Cols x Rows)
Graphics 512x256@black and white; 256x256@4 colors
Storage memory
Serial port Parallel port
Others port
Original price   Currency original price
Units sold
Note The BK-0010 was the first Soviet home computer. Their CPU is a powerful(for the time) 1801BM1, a 16bit DEC PDP-11 compatible processor.
FOCAL: FOrmula CALculator is a language interpreted where the operators are single letters.
Configurations 12Kb of the framebuffer (VRAM) could be used as RAM for programs.
The keyboard is like the Sinclair ZX-81.
Other languages are available on ROM's: Vilnius BASIC, Assembler,..
The Vilnius BASIC is a runtime compiler of BASIC made in the Baltic city of same name.
User juanvm

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