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Power Macintosh 9500

Apple Computer Inc. (Apple) (USA)

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Name Power Macintosh 9500 Apple Computer Inc. (Apple) 
Manufacturer Apple Computer Inc. (Apple) (USA) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 5 - 1995 Production end (mm-yyyy) 7 - 1997
RAM 16-1526 MB ROM 4 MB
CPU PowerPC 604/604e - 120/132/150/180/180x2/200 Mhz
Operating System MacOS 7.5.2-7.6.1, 8.0-9.0
Text (Cols x Rows)
Sound stereo 16 bit
Storage memory Floppy 1.4 MB SuperDrive , HD 1-2 GB , CD-ROM 4x-8x
Serial port 2 Parallel port
Others port 1 SCSI DB-25 , 1 ADB, 6 slots PCI
Original price 5300 Euro Currency original price
Units sold
Note The first second generation PowerMac, the 9500 was introduced in May 1995, and is still most expandable PowerMac ever. It was powered by either a 120 or 132 MHz 604 processor, a second-generation PowerPC chip which was considerably faster than its predecessor, the 601. The big news about the 9500, however, was its 6 PCI slots. It was the first Mac to comply with the PCI industry standard. The 9500 came in a full tower case, and had 7 internal drive bays. Like the old Mac II, the 9500 came with no graphics capability--a third party add-on card was required. The most innovative feature of the 9500 was that it's processor came on a daughtercard, making future upgrades much less expensive. The 9500 cost $5,300, and was "speed bumped" to 150 MHz in April 1996. In August 1996, The 9500 was speed bumped again to a 200 MHz 604e processor and a multiprocessing twin 180 MHz 604e-based 9500 was released. The 9500 was replaced in early 1997 by the 9600.  
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