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Sharp (Japan)

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Name PC-E220 Sharp 
Manufacturer Sharp (Japan) Type Calculator
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1991 Production end (mm-yyyy) - 1993
RAM 32 Kb (30.090 bytes free) ROM 128 Kb
CPU Z-80 - 3,072 Mhz
Operating System BASIC language and Z80 Assembler
Text (Cols x Rows) Display with 4 lines x 24 characters (monocromatic)
Graphics 144 x 32 pixel
Sound multy frequency, duration and number adjustable
Storage memory N/A
Serial port Optional Parallel port N/A
Others port 11 pin interface (SIO max. 9600 baud), printer, cassette and floppy
Original price   Currency original price
Units sold
Configurations Three different versions, V.0 - V.1 and V.2, exist which differ slightly in the ROM contens and probably even in the hardware, e.g. the CPU clock. 
User riccardo

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