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Orange Computer Inc (Canada)

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Name Orangepeel
Manufacturer Orange Computer Inc (Canada) Type Apple II compatible
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1982 Production end (mm-yyyy) - 1983
CPU - Not assigned - - Mhz
Operating System
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Storage memory
Serial port Parallel port
Others port
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Units sold
Note This computer is in a plastic case consisting of four pieces. The two end pieces are held in place by four small screws in the base. Once the screws are removed, the top of the end pieces have a 90 degree angle to which there is glued a strip of velcro which holds to the top piece. The glue on the velcro was dried so the side pieces came off rather easy. The top piece then slides to either end to remove it to get inside, the front and back pieces having a groove on the top part and the top having a nub on either side to hold it tight when in place.
Once inside and looking at it you realize that there is no fan inside and that the case itself has no ventilation slots.
The separate boxes that the computer and keyboard came in did not use styrofoam as packing material, but used a 1/2 inch egg carton foam as packing material.  
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