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SC 6809

POLI Elettronica (Italy)

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Name SC 6809
Manufacturer POLI Elettronica (Italy) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1983 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
CPU Motorola 6809 - 4 Mhz
Operating System
Text (Cols x Rows)
Graphics 256 x 256
Sound No
Storage memory 5"25 Floppy Drive
Serial port RS-232C Parallel port
Others port Keypad Input, 7 Segments Display Output, Video Output, Power Input, Slots for Motors/Sensors Control Cards
Original price   Currency original price
Units sold
Configurations It is a computer based on cards installed on Eurocard industrial bus. The computer was used for the analysis and development (printing on transparencies) of images (photographs) with the possibility of analyzing the colors, their saturation, accentuating the edges etc ... The RAM is divided into static and dynamic RAM . The dynamic RAM is 64KB expandable to 128KB, while the static is 16KB + 4KB, of which the 16KB are 8 6116 chips. There is a battery pack to keep the 8 6116 chips powered even in the event of a power failure. , in order to keep the presets memory even in the event of a power failure. It could load programs from a 5 "25 floppy and drive motors to manage the positioning of the sensors on the image. The operations were controlled by video by entering the commands with a hexadecimal keypad. 
User Alessandro Liberalato

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