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Name SC-3000H Sega 
Manufacturer Sega () Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 7 - 1983 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
CPU Z80A - 3.58 Mhz
Operating System Sega BASIC
Text (Cols x Rows) 40 x 25
Graphics 256x192 @ 15 colors + 1 color coloration ( 210 mixing colors)
Sound 3 sound channels with 4 octaves + 1 noise channel (TI SN-76489 PSG)
Storage memory Tape
Serial port Parallel port Printer interface (female 7-pin DIN)
Others port Cartridge port (44 PIN), RF, Audio/Composite video, 2 joystick ports (9 pin D-type), cassette
Original price   Currency original price 33800 YEN
Units sold
Note This is the same computer of the Sega SC-3000 but with a mechanical keyboard. It was released some months later than the SC-3000.
The Sega SC-3000H was sell in Japan in two colors: black and white. In the rest of the world it was released only in black color.
This computer was also sell under the brands:
    GrandStand in New Zealand.
    John Sands in Australia.
    Yeno in France.
Configurations It can't be used without a ROM Cartridge. Some sources says that they don't have RAM installed and other sources says that they has 2KB, others 18KB,.... Finally, I find a schematich diagram, and the RAM installed on the motherboard are 2KB.
The total RAM amount depend of the BASIC cartridge used. In the list of Sega released cartridges appears 5 BASIC cartridges, although I only have find information about three BASIC cartridge:
    BASIC Level II: 32 Kb of ROM with the Sega BASIC and 1KB RAM (only left 512bytes free for the user)
    BASIC Level IIB: without info.
    BASIC Level IIIA: 32KB of ROM with the Sega BASIC and 16KB of RAM.
    BASIC Level IIIB: 32KB of ROM with the Sega BASIC and 32KB of RAM.
    BASIC SK-III: without info. It appears

Also exist a add-on which adds a 3" floppy disk drive, 64KB of RAM, 8KB of ROM (with the DOS), a serial RS-232 port, and a parallel Centronics port: the Sega SF-7000  
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