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SVI 838 X'Press 16

Spectravideo Inc. (USA)

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Name SVI 838 X'Press 16 Spectravideo Inc. 
Manufacturer Spectravideo Inc. (USA) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1986 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 256Kb exp 640Kb / 128Kb VRAM ROM 8Kb
CPU 8088 - 4,77 Mhz
Operating System
Text (Cols x Rows)
Graphics CGA 640 x 200 2 colors, MSX2 256 x 212, 256 colors, 512 x 212 x 16 colors
Storage memory Floppy 5.25" 360KB
Serial port Parallel port
Others port SV Expansion slot, 2 Joysticks, 1 Cartridge
Original price   Currency original price 0
Units sold
Note It has the same AVDP (Advanced Video Display Processor) of the MSX-2 built-in with their 128Kb of VRAM. Also, has built-in the MSX-standard PSG (Programmable Sound Generator).
To use the special features it has a enhanced version of the GW-BASIC (called Enhanced GW-BASIC) which is similar to the normal MSX-BASIC v 2.0.
This IBM PC compatible has the ability to play (most) MSX1 cartridges using a special adapter!: SVI-811 Game Adapter. This adapter feeds on the SV-838 and uses standar MSX joysticks, instead the analog PC Gameport.  
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