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Olivetti (Italy)

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Name M20ST Olivetti 
Manufacturer Olivetti (Italy) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1983 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 224Kb ROM 64Kb (16Kb x 4 ROM)
CPU Z8001, 8086 on optional card - 4 Mhz
Operating System PCOS, CP/M86 with optional card, CP/M8000 (?)
Text (Cols x Rows) 80 x 24
Graphics 512 x 256 mono
Storage memory Floppy 160-320-640Kb x 2, Hd 11,5 Mb optional
Serial port RS232C Parallel port Centronics
Others port Parallele IEEE 488, RS-232C Twin
Original price   Currency original price 0
Units sold
Note The RAM is distributed in this way:
- 128Kb on the motherboard
- up to 3 expansion each of 32Kb or 128Kb, but you can't mix the sizes.
512k was the maximum decoded by the motherboard.

A 4 color system need at least one expansion (32kb or 128Kb), instead the 8 color system need two expansion (always 32kb or 128kb).

The M20 can use up to 4 disks types:
- floppy disk 5.25" 640 Kbyte (DSHD);
- floppy disk 5.25" 320 Kbyte (DSDD);
- floppy disk 5.25" 160 Kbyte (SSDD);
- hard disk 5.25" 11.25 MByte.

Many thanks to Dwight K. Elvey for the corrections. 
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