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Alphatronic PC

Triumph Adler (Pertec) (Royal Business Machines) (Germany)

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Name Alphatronic PC Triumph Adler (Pertec) (Royal Business Machines) 
Manufacturer Triumph Adler (Pertec) (Royal Business Machines) (Germany) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1983 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 64Kb ROM 32Kb
CPU Z80A - 4 Mhz
Operating System CP/M
Text (Cols x Rows) 40 x 24, 80 x 36
Graphics 160 x 72; TV 80 x 70; 8 colors
Storage memory Tape - Floppy 5,25"
Serial port RS-232C Parallel port 1 optional
Others port RGB, RF
Original price   Currency original price 395 USD
Units sold
Note The Alphatronic was mainly sold in Germany and was intended as a 'hybrid' Business / Home machine. For Business it was sold as either a 'dumb' Terminal or as a stand-alone Word Processor 'package' (consisting of base unit, WP Cartridge and Centronics) printer. For home the base unit had a 'built in' Basic ROM - it was also available with either a single or dual Floppy Disks (which included CP/M and Disk basic). It never sold very well in either market - it was much too expensive for home use. Towards the end of it's life, the British Company, MATMOS sold off the final 'batch' or single & dual floppy packages together with a RGB-PAL convertor box. 
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