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PC-6001 mkII

Nec ()

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Name PC-6001 mkII Nec 
Manufacturer Nec () Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 7 - 1983 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 64Kb ROM 96Kb
CPU µPD780C-1 - 3,9936 Mhz
Operating System N60 BASIC, N60 Extended BASIC & N60m BASIC
Text (Cols x Rows) 32x16, 40x20
Graphics 64x48@9 colors, 80x40@15 colors, 128x192@4colors, 160x200@15 colors, 256x192 2 colors, 320x200@15 colors
Sound Speaker, 3 voices 8 octaves
Storage memory Tape (600/1200 baud)
Serial port RS-232C Parallel port Printer
Others port Joysticks, cartridge slot, floppy disk connector, RGB video output, RF video output , Composite video output, audio output, superimposition connector
Original price   Currency original price
Units sold
Note The NEC PC-6001 has two CPU's. The main CPU is a µPD780C-1 at 3,9936MHz (Zilog Z80A compatible) and the Sub CPU is a µPD8049 at 7,9872MHz.

The resolution depends on the used BASIC:
  • N60 BASIC & N60 Extended BASIC:
    • 32x16@2 colors x2 group on Text mode
    • 64x48@9 colors on Semigraphic mode
    • 128x192@4 colors x2 group on Color Graphic mode
    • 256x192@2 colors x2 group on Full Graphic Mode
  • N60m BASIC:
    • 40x20@15 colors on Text mode
    • 80x40@15 colors on Semigraphic mode
    • 160x200@15 or 8 colors on Color Graphic mode
    • 320x200@4 colors x6 groups on Full Graphic Mode
  • N60 BASIC & N60 Extended BASIC: Using the CG (Character Generator) has 256 redefinible chars.
  • N60m BASIC: Using the CG (Character Generator) has 496 redefinible chars.
Configurations This computer was sell in two colors:
  • Silver metallic.
  • Ivory white.
The 96Kb of ROM are divided into:
  • BASIC Interpreter ROM: 32Kb.
  • Chinese character ROM (1024 letters): 32Kb.
  • CG (Character Generator) ROM: 16Kb.
  • Speech synthesis: 16Kb.
The PC-6001mkII/6601mkII series are the only Japanese computers featuring voice synthesizer (via µPD7752 chip) as the default.PC-6001mkII/6601mkII's BASIC has TALK command for this function.
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