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Timex Computer ()

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Name TS-2068 Timex Computer 
Manufacturer Timex Computer () Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 11 - 1983 Production end (mm-yyyy) - 1984
RAM 48-256Kb ROM 24Kb
CPU Z80A - 3.58 Mhz
Operating System
Text (Cols x Rows) 64 x 24
Graphics 256x192 pixel, 32x24 attributes (Spectrum screen) 256x192 pixel, 32x192 attributes (extended colour mode) Dual screen mo
Sound AY-3-8912 (same that Spectrum +2, but attached to different ports)
Storage memory Tape
Serial port RS-232 opt. Parallel port 1 opt.
Others port TV, RGB, cartridge slot, joystick x 2
Original price   Currency original price 200 USD
Units sold
Note The TS-2068 is the american version of the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum, but they has modified by Timex Computer to add a cartridge port, two joystick port and and sound chip AY-3-8912 and a additional 8Kb extention ROM with extra commands to support these devices.

Timex sell this computer in USA under the brand of "Timex Sinclair". Their factory in Portugal (Timex of Portugal) made also this computer, and sell it in Portugal and Poland under the brand of "Timex Computer".

Another peculiar thing is that it use the same case what the brazilian computer Prologica CP-400, a Tandy TRS-80 CoCo clone. 
Configurations The ROM of the TS-2068 contains like a subset the ZX-Spectrum BASIC, so you can run Spectrum BASIC programs. To run comercial software they need a "Spectrum Emulator" cartridge what is really a Spectrum ROM on catridge. Whitout it, only work about the 7% of the software. With the emulator works about the 97% of the software. 
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Stephen Young 15/02/2021 21:23:56 I bought mine via mail order straight out of Timex in the USA, by the time they shipped it to me, the price had been cut from the original $200 and so a check came in along with the computer, lol! It was a wonderful machine for the time, but could not compete in price with the '64, alas...

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