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Computer Power & Light (USA)

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Name COMPAL-80 Computer Power & Light 
Manufacturer Computer Power & Light (USA) Type Desktop
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1977 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 8-56Kb ROM 1Kb
CPU 8080A - 1.8 Mhz
Operating System Micropolis MDOS, CP/M-1.4
Text (Cols x Rows) 64 x 16
Storage memory Tape (opt.), Micropolis Floppy 5.25" 315Kb (opt.)
Serial port RS232C Parallel port 1
Others port
Original price   Currency original price 1800 USD
Units sold
Note A typical configuration has 8 or 16Kb of RAM.
Micropolis MDOS and CP/M-1.4 are available only with the disk controller.
The display was indeed 16x64, and supported graphics configuration characters to allow 3x the bits compared to the bytes, so was not purely text. That was not really supported, you had to work that yourself, but it was not a dumb TTY. 
Configurations $2300 in 1977 was the price for the 16K model + cassette tape version. 
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