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Sun/Tronic House

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We are in 1981 and the house is controlled by  two Apple II Plus.

The first Apple II Plus has a language card and with 64K RAM. It is the main computer and has the following peripherals:

• two interface RS-232; one for the two keyboard (located in the bedroom and the kicthen) and an other that get informations from the house's surveillance system and controls the windows

• an analogic input card with 8 channels (multiplexed to 64 channels) that receive data from the temperature trasductors that are outside, inside and over the solar panels.

• a card clock/calendar that gives a control in real time of the surveillance system and shows the hour and date

• a modem used to control the computer from outside and to connect other computers

• two drive with operating system software

• a Apple Silentype printer and a daisywheel printer

• a color television used as monitor.

The second Apple II Plus has 48K of RAM. The peripherlas used by this system are:

• a drive

• a RS-232 card used to control this computer from other rooms

• a magnetic pen for games

• two color televisions, one has 45" video.