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Apple Timeline

Year Event
1976 Steve Wozniak (26) & Steve Jobs (21) formed the Apple Computer company; first product: Apple I
1977 Apple Computer was incorporated; Apple II introduced
1980 Apple III introduced; plant in Cork, Ireland set up; Apple went public
1981 Manufacturing plant opened in Singapore
1982 Apple became the first personal computer company to reach $1 billion annual sales rate
1983 Apple appointed John Sculley as President & CEO; Apple entered the Fortune 500 list
1984 Apple unveiled its first Macintosh; plant in Fremont, CA set up
1985 Steve Jobs left Apple to start a new computer company
1986 Macintosh Plus, Laser Writer Plus, & Apple IIGS introduced
1987 HyperCard & MultiFinder introduced; Claris announced
1988 Apple reports first billion dollar quarter in its history; Macintosh IIxi introduced
1989 Ian Diery joins Apple as senior vice president and president, Apple Pacific; Macintosh Portable, Macintosh IIci introduced
1990 Revenues surpass $5.5 billion; Michael Spindler become President, Apple Computer, Inc.
1991 System 7, Macintosh Quadra & PowerBook introduced; Apple, IBM, and Motorola finalize milestone technology alliance
1992 QuickTime, CD-ROM Drive adopted; WorldScript, PowerBook Duo & 14-inch Color Display introduced
1993 Apple ships the 10-millionth Macintosh; Newton introduced; Michael Spindler is appointed CEO, John Sculley later resigns as chairman
1994 Power Macintosh, System 7.5 introduced; Apple announces plans to license Mac OS; Apple, IBM, and Motorola finalize PowerPC platform
1995 Apple ships 20-millionth Macintosh; OpenDoc SDK ships; revenues surpass $11 billion
1996 World's First Cantonese Input Solution
1997 Jobs come back