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Have you ever thought about icons ?

Yes those little pictures that are everywhere on your virtual desktop.
Take a time machine and go back about 20 years, go back to 1984. There were a lot of Apple //, C64, TRS80, Atari 400... everyone with their blinking cursor...
Now think of sometihing new, a new user interface, no more characters, no more black video, no more green or ambra text, no more blinking cursor. A very new graphical interface and a mouse, what a hell of a revolution !
Now imagine to develop this new interface, think about the new possibke challenges and problems. The icon... someone has invented something totally new, who ? Susan Kare (www.kare.com).
Look at the Portfolio page, there is a little surprise... let me know if you find it :-).

Posted by Webmaster : 06/03/2007 11:42:06 | Login to enter your comment |


Icons are of great use they are key tool for provide better graphical user interface. In web designing process icons Plays a major role as they are very important for any website.

Posted by Katie Evans : 21 Dic 2012 at 10:27:01 |