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Apple and the clones

In this period I am reading books on the history of the Apple.

The books in this case are iWoz, Revolution in the Valley and Apple Confidential 2.0. Between the many vicissitudes and anecdotes that the books have told there is the regarding part the position of the Apple and the world of the clones. The facts, we are in the middle of the 90s and the Apple is in one of its black crises, Spindler is the CEO and decides to open the Mac world to the clones, new societies are founded, ready to produce Mac clones. On Apple 2,0 Condifential there's even the letter of Bill Gates asking to Apple to bring its O.S. on other platforms. In short, the outcome is a true disaster, the clones begin to subtract quotas from Apple instead of expanding the Mac presence in the market. Amelio before and Jobs then, with a stratagem succeed to block the agreements taken from Spindler. The agreement was with OS 7.0 and its successors, so instead of the 7.7 Mac Os 8.0 is born! And the attempt of Mac clone dies here.
Now the situation is the same, historical cycles ? The Apple abandons the PowerPc and passes to the Intel world, one says: finally I'll can to mount the MacOs on my PC, No! Nothing to do also this time.
Alan Kay, coming from PARC assumed in Apple said: you are a software society (refers to the MacOs), and for a software society is important to be able to run on the greater number of platforms hardware. I don't know why instead Apple wants at all costs to remain in this ambiguous position of producer of hardware and software.
With this approach Apple has lost all its advantage gained with the first Mac in 1984. It has given way to the contenders to work with calm, it is made to catch up and to perhaps exceed. iPod rules!


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