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The service makes the difference!

Apple 1 and support service

These days a friend of mine told me about her vicissitudes when buying a new LCD TV.

In fact, in the electronics store, a famous chain, is first ignored by the pre-sales clerk and then mistreated at the cashier because he simply asked to open the box to verify the integrity of the content.

He then decides to write to the customer service desk describing what happened, obviously responding to him immediately apologizing for the incident.

To purchase a new air conditioner, he decides to try another store, another chain, and here finds a gentleman who describes the products and helps him in choosing the right product for him, obviously my friend decided that Next opportunity will come back here and then the first store lost no customer but many more.

At the same time, working on the site I came across a letter that an Apple user sent to the magazine. The letter you find here.

There is a phrase in the letter that struck me, as I said to my friend that he did well to write to the first store, because they could improve the training of their employees for example, and he did well to reward the professionalism of the second.

The phrase is this:
"Any company that can produce equipment like this and then match with their service is really great."

In this globalized world, the difference is made by people, professionalism and ultimately the quality of user experience.



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