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I started this site many years ago. At all, the only source of information was to have the paper in hand, ie the manuals, from which to find the technical data of the machines. For the photos you had to own that specific computer. I go for brochures, advertisements etc.

Today, there is much more network information, technology has evolved, photos are more beautiful, pdf manuals are file sizes that can not be managed just a few years ago with modems at 9600, 14400, or the legendary 56000.

All the information, documents, photos I've collected over the years or that I've been sent by the users are all available on the site. Every now and then I find myself around other sites of my computer photos, the marble floor chosen by me seems to be unique :-), no problem, though there is no indication of where this photo was taken. The rule for me is just this: if you do not want to put it on the net, you can not put it on it. Put it and then write "Forbidden Reproduction" or other strange words, it's a total waste of time and even a contradiction.

It's amazing and out of my understanding that there are then sites, with recipe engine and then full archives, that show you their beautiful search page, let you search for what you are interested in, and also present you the answer page with something of the type "We found 24 documents in our archive". And then they ask you suspect question: "Do you want to see them?" Sure I want to see what I came here to do?

When you click on the phrase "Do you want to see it?", You will see a form to fill in to make an appointment to see their archive, physically, if they allow you ... Incredible!

Incredulously, I wrote to the mail address of the secretary, and even the secretarial office, chided, textual words:

"What the fuck does a historical archive if it's not available?"

The secretary answered me right away, I think I believe the use of the word "fuck", telling me that the archive is open to the public, by appointment ...

Without words, they do not know that exists wikipedia, they do not have the pale idea that the concept behind the internet itself is the sharing of information and that all of us working together can get more information and more and more knowledge.

Anyway, I answer the secretary's mail saying,

"I'm really trying to figure out the usefulness of the thing.
Let's hope that I'm in California, how useful can it be to know that there is something stored there that I would like to read, but I can not read it?
It was worth doing a pretty archive like thirty years ago, open to the public.
I do not understand why putting things on the internet.
The information is digital today, your paper archives are useless in that format, do not you think? "

I cut down on the answer of the secretary, increasingly petty and offended:

"Excuse me if I allow, but obviously it is not very practical with archives.
Of course, there are many in the world who publish everything online, each one is free to handle their documents as best they believe.
Our heritage "measures" about 7 km linear: can this perhaps help you understand how complicated and, above all, it is expensive to digitize and put everything online?
By doing so, among other things, you would lose any control over the documentation and its use. "

Well the last sentence is very significant, the mask falls. The problem is losing control of information, holding the information itself, to have some form of power, to justify oneself, to self-referral.

What makes me even more angry that these hide behind masks of cultural associations, when instead of culture here is little.

Obviously what I was looking for then I found it somewhere else, I was almost tempted to send him the link with all the online bookstores on my site, but then I said, that they also do a nice search for them.

I do not want to mention the site in question. However it's easy to find and I'm sure you've already had to do that too.

As for archives, the site has exceeded 70Gb, I'm learning.


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I think the problem is losing control of information, holding the information itself...And how can get more information and more and more knowledge?


Posted by Ella Harris : 11 Gen 2018 at 08:53:18 |