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Silicon nightmare


How will our IT future be?

Will it be a world full of robots and computers?

Will artificial intelligence become a reality?

As for the robots, I can not say I'm an expert.
Years ago I built a robot that was sold also accompanied by "emotions", well finished the fun of the construction, the disappointment was great.
I not a robot expert, but I'm a little worried about the times, I doubt I'll be able to see the robots imagined by the science fiction writers of my youth. After years and years of research, prototypes and studies, the most advanced robot can almost walk on any terrain and make the stairs!
The problems are enormous if you think about it. If I say the word "table" you immediately not only understand what I mean but at the same time recognize as a table both square, rectangular and round, with four legs and also with three legs. To make a robot understand this thing will take years, after which we can move on to the "chair" ...

Computers, the personal computer, on the other hand, are a bit more my field. Here the evolution has been above all from the point of view of the hardware, with the software instead we are still trudging ... It is still too difficult to write software and we continue to produce new languages ​​and new problems. Maybe we are too dispersed, I wonder if we could all use the same language and the same operating system and even sharing all the libraries, we would not be ahead?

Let me know how you think in the comments.

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