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Your first hour with your first computer

Apple //e

Do you remember your first hour with your first computer?
Do you remember how it went? Were you happy or was it like when the first microwave arrived?

It was the summer of 1983 when I brought my first computer home.
A beautiful Apple //e with an Apple Monitor /// and a floppy drive.

Unfortunately, it's been so many years that I do not remember how that day went, but I'd really like to remember it instead.
I think sometimes the beautiful moments we do not enjoy them fully, pass and are forgotten, but the bad ones keep coming back, we are so weird.
I had spent years dreaming about that moment, flipping through magazines, trying to figure out which was the best computer for me, surely I was very happy that day.

I remember the boxes, but I do not remember the moment of opening, what a pity.
I remember the hours spent studying the manuals, also because there was no software apart from the operating system.

Since that day I have always had a computer.

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