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Telecomputing today

Acoustic modem

Many futurist believe that someday telecomputing will be the primary use for home computers - an integral part of every modern household.
You've probably already heard the predictions about home banking, home shopping, "electronic newspapers," telegames, and on-line encyclopedias and data bases.
Actually, all of these services are available today, though perhaps not in all areas, or in an affordable or mature form.
But times are changing fast.
From Compute! Gazzette September 1983

I have always envied these characters, here called "futurists", able to imagine what our life will be like in 10, 20 or 50 years.
In my obtuseness, I always think that an object I use today will be there forever, but it is not.
Imagine if I can imagine objects and future situations, how will a computer be made in just 10 years?
Will the concept of computer still exist as we understand it today?
The smartphone is new to me, but it is likely that in 10 years it will be something different.
The world evolves, society changes, the work changes everything is much smoother, today there are jobs that only 10 years ago were not there.
Can we change ourselves so fast?

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