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Inside NeXT

Inside NeXT

After a long wait, Lucio's book finally arrived on the NeXT world! But I did not read it immediately, I left it to look at myself for a few days, I wanted to taste it and then my sequential mind does not tolerate distractions, one book is read at a time!

A project that is very dear to me for various reasons, first of all because it is the product of a friend. Lucio is the most "black" man I know, when I had problems with the NeXT world he always helped me anyway, he is my "dark knight". So when I had the chance to help with this project, I tried to return the best.

The NeXT world has its own charisma, one of its niches, and it is a very particular product, I believe we can love or hate, with no middle ground. The NeXT opened in 1985, went out with the first machine in 1989 and ceased the production of hardware in 1993, a very few years and yet has its place in the history of computing.

A few years ago I fell into his flattery and I bought a really important NeXT lot, with which I enjoyed how we can make ourselves retroman. I also have a lot of contour material, manuals, software, brochures.

Okay, now that I flipped through the good book, saw the beautiful photos and "reread" the content, Lucio knows what I mean :-), I want to leave here, as usual, my comments.

Difficult to be impartial, but I think I'm not denied if I say that it's really a job well done and complete.
In Lucio's book I found all that and much, but much more. There's everything, from the birth of the logo, to icons, to software. Then obviously there is all the hardware described and photographed in the smallest details and then also the material produced by the third parties and icing on the cake even the prototypes. In the book there is also the FAQ section, really useful from the operational point of view, so it is a book that combines everything, history, beautiful photos and technical-operational concepts.

One day, talking to him, he said: I wrote the book first of all for myself, to collect everything I know, so as not to lose it.

I think it's the best way to accomplish something, when you do something for yourself that serves you first and foremost, the result is always the best.

Lucio, great job and I'm sure I will not be the only one to compliment you.

The edition is limited edition, very limited, only 50 copies, I have the number 20 to be precise. In the course of work the English version, which will have 40 more pages dedicated to the repair of the "black hardware", if you missed the Italian edition, throw yourself to the English edition, here the link to book it: https://www.1000bit.it/books/nextbook.asp

PS: this is the dedication left by Lucio:

Inside NeXT


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