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Dialogues man-machine

Dialogues man-machine

One day the interaction between man and computer will no longer happen through keyboard and mouse, but simply by talking.

It's an ancient dream, prototypes and various attempts have existed since the 70s even in the world of personal computers, I'm thinking of Eliza, a software that simulated a dialogue between patient and psychotherapist.

Over the years I have seen several attempts to achieve this goal. I remember that years ago I had tried a windows utility that allowed to associate voice commands with particular actions. So if you said "calculator" here is the Windows program "calc".

Then I remember that years ago I had tried one of that software with which you could "dictate" a document, I remember that there was a time when it was necessary to "train" the software to your pronunciation, it lasted about a half hour, and then you could start working. But not having to write so much I've never used it intensively, but I know of people who produce many documents, think of the doctors who have to produce dozens of reports, that they use it successfully.

Having worked for a few years in the logistics sector, I also had to deal with "voice picking". In practice, inside the warehouse, the operator, equipped with headphones and microphone, is guided by the computer to the voice in the collection of goods and interacts with it via microphone, confirming the operations he has completed.
The problem was, but I talk to you many years ago, that if the operator was Italian, everything worked, but things were complicated when the operators were of different nationalities and with not too correct pronunciations, let's say.

Today on our computers and even on our cell phones, we do voice searches, we can call a friend by simply saying the name, but I think we have not yet arrived at a real human-computer vocal interaction.

I think it will take a while, but it's nice to dream.

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