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Arctangent, what is it?

Despite my 5 years of scientific high school and the I Analysis and II Analysis of Engineering exams, I have never used this function of trigonometry.

Today is a great day, finally the arctangent has found a purpose!

If those few who read these lines are wondering why this article, that is why in this context, it is soon said.

Flipping through one of my vintage magazines, I found an article called: The little known Basic commands.
In practice, the article lists the less used Basic functions, but at the same time makes concrete examples for their use.
And this is where a concrete example emerges for the use of the function ATN (ArcTaNgent), in short, the arctangent!

Given an object at distance X and at height Y, what is the angle with which I am looking at the object?

angle = arctangent (Y / X) value in radians
angle = arctangent (Y / X) * 180 / 3.14 (pi constant) value in degrees

Obviously the proposed use is within the code of a video game!

Now try to go to Google and look for a concrete example of the use of the arctangent, write in the comments what you found.

PS: the other unusual functions listed in the article are:

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