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My personal path in the social network world started with the BBS with a 300 baud modem. It was the first tool with which I came into contact with people outside my circle of friends and acquaintances, that is non-physical people, but virtual if we want, hidden behind a nickname.
Then with the internet came the forums, chats and video chats, among these only the first really involved me and then I hung out on various theme forums, including the legendary it.comp.retrocomputing.
Then came blogs, facebook and smartphones with instant messaging.

Yesterday watching a video on youtube starring two important Italian YouTubers, Dario Bressanini and Marco Montemagno, who talked about the evolution of communication on the network, it turned out that the blogs are already dead, are stuff for old people, but also facebook among young people is considered obsolete stuff and in short, today the channel most followed by young people is just youtube. But Instagram is galloping and trying to reach the same numbers as youtube.
If I look at my children in their twenties as they interact with peers I find that thumb down the mail and instead thumb up for Whatsapp or Messanger.

So while to move from the BBS to the internet it took at least a decade, from then on we talk about years if not even months.
All of this has obviously affected our lives, how we interfere with each other now, how we choose our purchases, how we buy the things we like. Then many new services were born that have greatly changed our everyday life.

All this is happening at a crazy speed and applications that today are points of reference, maybe tomorrow there will be no more.
Who knows if tomorrow Facebook will still be there?

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