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PX-8 - Geneva

Epson (Japan)

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Name PX-8 - Geneva Epson 
Manufacturer Epson (Japan) Type Portable
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1984 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 64Kb - 128Kb ROM 32Kb
CPU Z80 - 2.45 Mhz
Operating System CP/M 2.2
Text (Cols x Rows) 80 x 8
Graphics 480 x 64
Storage memory Microtape 100k, Floppy external 3.5" 360Kb, floppy external 5.25" 640Kb
Serial port RS232 Parallel port 1
Others port
Original price   Currency original price 1970000 LIT
Units sold
Configurations PX8 + programs in ROM L. 2.250.000 Expansion RAM 128Kb L. 980.000 Printer P-80 L. 660.000 Printer P-40 L. 340.000 Floppy disk drive PF-10 L 1.250.000  
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Users' comments

User Date Text
webmaster 03/03/2021 16:41:21 Your job's interesting, well done!!
Will Cooke 27/02/2021 00:28:59 This is a really nice CP/M laptop. The keyboard is better than most current keyboards, even on desktops. I bought mine when they first came out for $995. Never could afford the disk drive, but recently created a substitute using an Arduino and SD card. It's documented here. http://wrcooke.net/projects/pfbdk/pfbdk.html

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