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Superboard II

Ohio Scientific Instruments (OSI) (USA)

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Name Superboard II Ohio Scientific Instruments (OSI) 
Manufacturer Ohio Scientific Instruments (OSI) (USA) Type Transportable
Production start (mm-yyyy) 1977 Production end (mm-yyyy) -
RAM 4K supplied, 8K expanded ROM 8K basic, 2K monitor
CPU 6502 - 1 Mhz
Operating System BASIC, HEX monitor and some kind of DOS
Text (Cols x Rows) 24 x 20
Graphics Character generator ROM
Sound None, other than the sound of chips frying.
Storage memory Possible 8 inch FDD, Not fitted
Serial port Possible RS-232 user upgradable. Not fitted. Parallel port N/A
Others port 40 pin DIL socket with BUS lines, power, clocks, data and address.
Original price 600 Euro Currency original price USD
Units sold
Configurations About 14 by 12 inches, the uncased (as standard) board runs on a 5V power supply (not supplied) at around 2A, has a QWERTY keyboard (similar to the UK101), mono composite video output and a 300 Baud cassette tape interface. It is really the forerunner to the Challenger 1P. Recently repaired, the terrible amateur modifications were also removed, the PCB cleaned and all keyswitches removed and cleaned. I have made some 8T28 transceiver IC's from some TTL for the expansion sockets, but not fitted them yet. I have all the original manuals (scanned too!) and as I've never seen another, think that it's quite a rare beast. In 10 lines of BASIC it will generate 35000 prime numbers in 6 days... I would love to modify the video output to 48*40 but easy as it would be, the machine would not be original. I might double the CPU speed though. No-one would ever notice :D Hexenfinger.  

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