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Commodore C65

From Computer Magazine "64'er" issue 3/94.

C65 mother board.

Hardware Specifications of the C-65

  CPU - Commodore CSG 4510 with 1.02 and 3.5 MHz
- new Commands
- Memory adressability up to 1Mb
- integrated UART Serials
- 2 CIAs with each two I/O Ports>
MEMORY - 128Kb DRAM expandable to 4Mb with internal Memory Card
- 128Kb ROM
- C64 Kernel and Basic V2.2
- C65 Kernel, Editor, Basic V10.0,Disassembler (C128)
- 40/80 Charset>
VIDEO - Commodore CSG 4567
- Composite NTSC or PAL Video, seperate Chroma and Luma
- Composite NTSC or PAL Monochrome
- HF-Output NTSC or PAL
- GenLock function
- All original C64 Video Modes
- 40 or 80 Columns
- Colourpalette
- 16 Colours of the C64
- 256 Colours in 16 different Shades=4096 Colours>
AUDIO - Commodore CSG 6581
- Stereo with 6 Voices
- 3 per Channel
- Programable as C64>
DISK DRIVE - internal 720Kb Drive
- Filesystem is compatible with VC1581
- Standard CBM-BUS with 4800 Baud
- Fast C-65-BUS with 20K Baud
- Burst C-65_BUS with 50K Baud>
EXTERNAL PORTS - 50 Pin-Expansion Port
- Composite Audio/Video Port
- Analog RGB Port
- HF-Video Port
- Serial Port (1541,1571,1581,Printer)
- external Disk Drive Port
- 2 Joystick Ports
- 2 Audio Ports (Stereo)
- Internal Memory Port>
KEYBOARD - 77 Keys including the 64 C64 Keys
- 8 Function Keys>
POWER DEVICE - external Transformer with 5V/2.2A and 12V/0.85A>

No, this is not an Amiga 600 or 1200. It really is one of the few existing C65 Prototypes.>


Here you have a view on the external ports (right to left):

- Expansion Port
- Serial Port
- User Port
- Stereo Audio Output
- Analog RGB Port
- HF TV Out
- Composite Video Port
- and a hole, which probably was intended for external Amiga Hardware>


On the side we have (right to left):

- a Reset Button
- two Joystick Ports
- a Power Switch
- Power Supply inlet>

  This is the StartUp Screen in C65 mode. It says:

Commodore C65 Development System
Copyright 1991 Commodore Electronics, LTD.
Basic 10.0 V0.0B.910111 All Rights Reserved

English Keyboard
No Expansion ROM>


A Screenshot of the integrated Disassembler (looks very much like what we know from the C128)>


Well this looks familiar, or does it not? The Frame is white, and it really is narrow at the sides. The C65 is said to be around 60% compatible with the C64, due to a new Basic, new custom Chips and a not quite Hardware compatible CPU.>


Documents for the C65:

System Specifications


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